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About us - Dairy Laboratory Ltd

Our History

In January 2001, on the proposal from the Ministry of Agriculture relevant organizations and institutions interested in proper arrangement of milk market and herd improvement activities came together and decided to set up an independent joint milk quality testing laboratory.

The Dairy Laboratory Ltd. was founded on 13 August 2001 with a view to setting up of an independent raw milk quality testing laboratory that will carry out tests on raw milk for determination of the grade of delivered milk as well as for milk recording purposes.

Objective of the Laboratory is centralization of aggregate raw milk quality determination, allowing to provide independent results and to increase the volume of testing at the same time reducing testing costs. Independent results obtained in testing of aggregate milk, will increase the competitiveness of our milk producers on the EU market and will help to set Latvian domestic milk market in proper order.

In August 2002, Dairy laboratory Ltd. started implementation of the Danish-Latvian joint project on setting up of the Independent national Dairy Laboratory.

By the end of 2002, reconstruction of premises and furnishing of the laboratory in compliance with requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 17025 were finished.

Quality system and testing methods

Dairy laboratory is accredited against LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the LATAK - Latvia’s national accreditation institution (it has signed the EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) Multilateral Agreement) as is evident from the accreditation certificate from June 2003.

Dairy Laboratory Ltd. is one of the top companies of independent food laboratories in Latvia. We deliver quick and reliable results. Our customers are present in all kind of industries as well in branches like catering, trade and government.

Dairy laboratory is a leading of laboratories providing of testing and support services to the milk producer, food products industries and to governments.

Dairy laboratory represents:
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Customer service
We offer analyses in the field of:
  • Milk and milk products
  • Food microbiology
  • Water
Our analysis suites comply with local, national and international legislation.

Every day our clients experience the confidence of quality by working with us. Quality and testing time takes central place in our laboratory. All methods used are based on national, international standards and in-house methods. The performance characteristics are carefully established and are continuously tested by means of controls. We active take part in different proficiency testing in Latvia and European countries.

The testing methods used


Quality parameters


In-house method, validated

Determination of bacteria count with Bactoscan FC


FC 150 H, FOSS

ISO 5764/IDF 108:2009

Determination of freezing point-Thermistor cryoscope method (reference method)

Multisample Cryscope 4C3, Advanced Instrument

LVS 174:1999

Milk. Method of determination of inhibitors. Determination of the presence of inhibitors with “Delvotest P” and “Delvotest SP” test, method II

“Delvotest SP”, Accelerator, DSM

ISO 9622: 1999

Whole milk. Determination of milkfat, protein and lactose content. Guidance of mid-infrared instruments

CombiFoss FT 6000, FOSS

LVS EN ISO 13366-2:2007

Milk. Enumeration of somatic cells - Part 2: Guidance on the operation of fluoro-opto-electronic counters

CombiFoss FT 6000, FOSS

In-house method, validated

Milk. Determination of  urea, casein content, freezing point, pH

CombiFoss FT 6000, FOSS

LVS EN ISO 6579:2003/AC:2006

Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs – Horizontal method for the detection of Salmonella spp.


LVS EN ISO 4833:2003

Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs – Horizontal method for the enumeration of microorganisms – Colony-count technique at 30ºC


LVS EN ISO 6888-1:1999/A1:2003

Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs – Horizontal method for the enumeration of coagulase-positive staphylococci (Staphylococcus aureus and other species) – Part 1: technique using Baird-Parker agar medium; Amendment 1: Inclusion of precision data.


LVS EN ISO 6222:1999

Water quality – Enumeration of culturable micro-organisms – Colony count by inoculation in a nutrient agar culture medium.


In-house method, validated

Water. Defined Substrate Technology (DST) Quanti-Tray method - Enumeration of Enterococci, total coliforms and E.coli.

Quanti-Tray, IDEXX

The other scope of our Laboratory is performance of milk recording tests. Currently, there are three laboratories in Latvia carrying out tests for milk recording purpose. In time being, farmers will also need guarantees on reliability of test results and their receipt on due time. Reliability of test results is ensured by accreditation of the Laboratory.

Founders of the Dairy Laboratory Ltd. are public organizations involved in milk production, processing and establishments involved in implementation of the recording program as well as the State share. The structure of founders is built up in such a way as to prevent possibility to influence operation of the laboratory thus, securing independent and reliable results both for farmers and processors.

  • Latvia’s Dairy Association;
  • Latvia’s Association of Milk Producers;
  • Non-profit organization “Vidzemes piena pārraudzības biedrība’;
  • Non-profit organization “Preiļi Piena pārraudzības biedrība”;
  • Stock company ”Latgales Ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija”;
  • Stock company ”Siguldas Ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija”;
  • Stock company ”Kurzemes Ciltslietu un mākslīgās apsēklošanas stacija”;
  • Latvia’s Animal Breeders’ Association.

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